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Two Stage

The ISBM two-stage process is used for applications that typically have volumes that require shorter run sizes and for applications for which ‘Pre-forms’ are available from 3rd party suppliers. The preforms are made through a traditional Injection molding process, which are then sent to a blow molders at different locations (pre-forms shipping is freight friendly compared to empty bottle shipment). The preforms are then reheated and stretch blown to specific bottle shapes. The two stage process allows for greater flexibility for producing different bottles that may have the same Neck Finish and weight requirements, based on pre-form availability, allowing easier market entry due to lower costs.

Bottles are made primarily from PET resins and can be made for ‘cold’ fill or ‘hot fill’ applications.

ISBM Two Stage is ideal for bottles for the personal care industry, Water, home care products, cleaners, spices, juices, carbonated & non-carbonated drinks, sauces, jams, cooking oils dressings, liquor and certain Pharma applications in standard neck or wide mouth neck openings.

Injection Molding

The Monarch Group has invested in Injection Molding capabilities that enables the manufacture of PET preforms

This has allowed us greater flexibility and has assisted us in becoming more competitive in the production of PET bottles and jars. Preforms made from our stock molds are also sold to 3rd party blow-molders and contract packagers who requite our repertoire of preforms.