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Single Stage

The single stage ISBM process is used primarily for the manufacture of PET bottles that have high volumes or bottles that have a custom design either for its Neck Finish or weight or both. The single stage process is not economical for application that have short run sizes or low annual volumes.

The ISBM process allows the material to stretch in a vertical and a horizontal manner simultaneously creating bi-axle orientation of the molecules. This allows for the bottle to be made at lighter weights while maintaining its overall strength and part integrity and providing glass like clarity.

Bottles are primarily made with PET resins but in certain applications, the use of PP has shown outstanding results, both in a wide range of shapes and sizes.

ISBM Single Stage is ideal for bottles for the personal care industry, Water, home care products, cleaners, spices, juices, carbonated & non-carbonated drinks, sauces, jams, cooking oils dressings, liquor and certain Pharma applications in standard neck or wide mouth neck openings.