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Innovation as a strategic tool delivers excellence in every aspect of production

Innovation of The Monarch Group

At Monarch, innovation and design development help us go beyond cost-based manufacturing, to provide value addition in all our processes and products. We are constantly innovating bottle design and improving processes to keep up with our customers’ evolving requirements.

An increasing demand for customised and high quality products that are environment friendly, has lead us to focus on innovation as a strategy to improve productivity and boost competitiveness.

We are driven by our desire to provide world-class products that not only satisfy the customer but are also cost effective. At Monarch, much importance is given to innovation in production technologies, design development and packaging methods; to cater to the ever-changing needs of a competitive marketplace.

Customer satisfaction, we believe, is the focal point of all growth and development.

Our product development efforts include

  • Minimize weight while maintaining functionality
  • Thread orientation on a 2 stage PET bottle
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to analyze material flow and remove defects before final processing
  • Top load and vacuum resistance analysis conducted for different weights and design iterations
  • 3D parting lines
  • Moving mold components to eject parts and overcome undercuts
  • Sleeve copy can be oriented to an asymmetric or round bottle with a dispensing closure