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Shrink Sleeving

Convenient and adaptable packaging solutions

Shrink sleeving can be effectively used on your products for: visual appeal, tamper-proof packaging and preserving quality.

Monarch offers two platforms for sleeve application.

One process is to ‘pull’ a stretch sleeve onto the body of the container. This process is suitable for handle ware containers and for packing two products together in a twin sleeve for promotional purposes.

The second process involves 'shrinking' a sleeve on the bottle by application of heat & steam at appropriate temperatures. Different types of sleeve materials are used depending on the shape of the bottle and coverage requirements. The sleeve shrinks due to the heat and takes the shape of the container, making optimum use of the printable area.

Process Benefits

  • Enhances product appeal and brand identity
  • Provides a protective covering, making the container scratch and dust resistant
  • Sleeve acts as a seal when applied with the cap, preventing pilfering. Suitable for filled/capped products
  • Provides 360 degree full body coverage