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Who We Are?

When you need a solution that works, we make it our business to find you one.

At Monarch Plastics, we are driven by our desire to provide world-class products that satisfy the customer. Our expertise lies in making custom blow-molded products and providing packaging solutions that cater to the client’s specific requirements.

Monarch Plastics is part of The Mehta Group of Companies, with manufacturing and service businesses in USA, Canada, Uganda, Kenya, India and the United Kingdom in over ten diverse industries.

Facilitating Growth

Facilitating Growth

For more than 40 years, Monarch has been one of the leading manufacturers of blow- molded products, with over 400 million containers produced annually for the Personal Care, Home Care, Hair Care, Automotive, Food, Promotional and Pharmaceutical industries of North America. We have Consolidated into two blow moulding plants in Wisconsin, U.S.A and in Ontario Canada; ideally situated to serve the Midwest and North East markets in USA and Canada.

Both state-of-the-art plants offer a variety of blow molding, injection molding, re-heat stretch blow molding, post molding decoration, quality control laboratory, design, engineering and warehousing capabilities.

Customer-Centric Approach

Customer-Centric Approach

At Monarch, importance is given to innovation in production technologies, design development and packaging methods; to cater to the ever-changing needs of a competitive marketplace. We are constantly innovating bottle design and improving processes to fit our customer's challenging and evolving demands.

Our qualified and experienced personnel work with the client right from the concept stage to the final package, understanding the finer nuances of their requirements. Monarch’s success depends on our versatility, creativity and quick response approach, the combination of which provides us the niche and a special reputation in the market as the ‘go to’ manufacturer of choice for many of North America’s leading consumer products companies.

Responsible Manufacturing

Responsible Manufacturing

Monarch, Canada and Monarch, USA, follow all principles of the ISO criteria as well as stated Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), in strict compliance, giving the highest importance to safety of all, within our premises. Monarch’s employees understand the importance of adhering to all Quality, GMP and safety procedure as they do the importance of conducting business and caring for employees and customers with responsibility, fairness and integrity.

Monarch takes appropriate measures to ensure that all products and processes meet our stringent quality criteria. We are committed to environmental safety and promote the use of sustainable production methods.

As responsible manufacturers for over four decades, we have to credit our several prominent industry awards for excellence in quality and service; like 'Partners in Quality', 'Certified Supplier' and others.

Our Business Principles

  • No compromise on Integrity
    We maintain transparency across functions and insist on ethical behaviour in all our dealings.
  • Innovative Solutions
    We provide innovative solutions in manufacturing as well as packaging to fulfil specific container/customer needs. We bring innovative ideas to the customer with a view to reduce cost as well the carbon foot print of each container.
  • Quick to Respond
    Our versatility, lack of hierarchy and creative internal procedures enable us to respond faster to customer needs and empower us to achieve ‘quick to market’ results.
  • Cost Effectiveness
    Effective management of projects from start to finish, at the least total cost to the customer.