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The Monarch Group prides itself on merging the capabilities of two major container manufacturers – MCorp & Monarch, to provide a true one-stop-shop experience for all of your container needs.

Looking for a simple, cohesive, and economical purchasing process?  We offer container production, decoration, and diverse palletizing options all under one roof – a streamlined experience with fewer vendors, less time spent managing orders, and potential for cost savings.


Our manufacturing capabilities include: Reheat Stretch Blow Molding, Injection Stretch Blow Molding, Injection Molding, Extrusion Blow Molding, Injection Blow Molding.

Reheat Stretch Blow Molding produces PET & rPET containers. We have many different platforms, each with specialized capabilities allowing us to match the bottle to the machine. 

Benefits include:

  • Flexible order minimums, due to machines with both small & large cavitations
  • Bottles used in a variety of markets: household cleaners, personal care, food & beverage
  • Almost 100% of preforms used are produced in-house, offering cost savings to the customer

Injection Stretch Blow Molding produces PET & rPET containers, standardized on industry leading equipment specifically tailored for custom projects. It is best suited for high end or technical packages that don’t lend themselves to Reheat Stretch Blow Molding.

Benefits include:

  • Best for high end, niche, custom containers
  • Turnkey experience from the Original Equipment Manufacturer, supported start to finish, lending expertise to your custom projects
  • A unique & robust project management approach to custom containers that ensures the success & timeliness of the new product launch.

The Monarch Group produces the majority of their PET preform requirements on in-house injection molding equipment. We have various machines with different cavitations, with a constantly growing preform library.

Benefits include:

  • Possible to produce custom preforms in custom colors, so that the bottles stand out on the shelves & suit your brand
  • Can be produced with recycled PET (PCR) resin to meet sustainability initiatives
  • Quick-change tooling provides flexibility for smaller runs & custom preform production
  • Modular tooling allows the use of existing components for new molds, cutting overall mold costs for new projects significantly
  • Allows for greater control over the supply chain to mitigate risk of disruption from unforeseen delays, & allows for greater reliability during supply chain impacts such as Covid19.

The first commercial blow molding process, from which all other blow molding processes evolved. We primarily produce HDPE & PP containers with our EBM technology. EBM provides flexibility in bottle shape & production for which PET can be too restrictive in terms of size or neck finish.

Benefits include:

  • Wide range of cavitation options based on the volume to be serviced
  • HDPE & PP resins are strong, lightweight, & more stable to chemicals- often used in household & institutional cleaning products
  • Easy to add in recycled content to meet sustainability initiatives
  • HDPE containers can be large in terms of capacity, & our proximity to freight corridors can help reduce your delivered costs.

Injection Blow Molding is a specialized way of producing HDPE & PP containers, combining the accuracy of injection molding with the flexibility of blow molding. It is used when customers need to produce higher-end bottles, with particular quality requirements & specifications. It is especially useful in the nutraceutical & healthcare markets that require the tight specifications of injection molding.

Benefits include:

  • Taking advantage of extremely shelf-stable resins to protect your product from environmental factors (such as UV light, oxygen, etc), & applies them to higher end / technical designs
  • Yielding higher production rates & tighter neck finish specification for these resins (versus Extrusion Blow Molding).


We offer additional value-added services such as: container decoration & automated palletizing. Container decoration is paramount in branding and ensuring your products stand out from the crowd. Automated palletizing is the most cost effective way to pack bottles to keep up with production rates, because it is done robotically.


In the Shrink Sleeving process, a sleeve label is applied over the container and finished with heat or steam, to shrink the label to fit the container. 

Advantages of Shrink Sleeving:

  • Allows the entire surface area of your container to be used for branding & marketing, rather than only a small labelled area.
  • Allows the customer to buy/produce only one type of bottle & use different sleeves for different packages/products, which keeps production & inventory costs down.

Pressure sensitive labelling consists of applying a label onto the container. The label comes as a sticker on a roll, & placed on the container with some pressure for smooth application.

Advantages of Pressure Sensitive Labelling

  • Branding your containers & products.
  • The most common type of label, has a lower cost than other forms of decoration.

During Screen Printing, ink is printed directly onto the container & cured by UV or LED light to ensure it sticks onto the bottle. The Monarch Group has is capable of printing up to 4 colors, allowing a broad range of artwork possibilities.

Advantages of Screen Printing

  • Branding your containers/products.
  • Unique visual result, vivid colors.
  • Durable inks that don’t fade, great for outdoor use.
  • Quality of the print lasts longer.


Automated bag packing has become popular with containers used in the Food & Beverage industry, where protecting containers from environmental factors while shipping is often mandated by food safety protocols.

Advantages of Bags:

  • Keep containers clean & dustless in sealed bags during transportation.
  • Lower cost packaging alternative to traditional packing methods.

Slip Sheets are thin sheets of plastic or paper, used to package bottles. They can be used with wood, plastic or no pallets.

Advantages of Slip Sheets:

  • Required when customers have specific depalletization at their filling line.

Trays are our preferred method of packing bottles. We have extensive automated tray packing equipment on our high-speed lines.

Advantages of Trays:

  • Allow to maximize quantity of bottles per pallet.
  • Helps to avoid quality issues with tumble packing into boxes.
  • Keeps corrugate & labor costs down relative to box packing.
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