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Cold Half Refurbishments — Cold Half Conversions — Hot Runner Refurbishments
EOAT Refurbishments — Tooling Audits — Alterations / Repair — Pilot preform production

Cold Half Refurbishments (All Cavitations)

WMold building heritage and expertize applied to extend working live of existing tooling investments. USA based operation minimizes logistics and compliments industry leading turnaround times for refurbishment projects.

  • Basic, Intermediate and Complete refurbishments available – tooling audit available to identify the appropriate level for your situation
  • Flexible – tailor the standard refurbishment to address specific requirements and customer facing issues
  • Enhancements – improve performance to win cycle time (cooling or fill) or product quality advantages. EFI can help
  • Minimum out-of-service interruption of 3 to 4 weeks – EFI builds replacement parts in advance and dedicate resources when tooling is scheduled for servicing
  • Guaranteed to hit dimensions and weights – tool qualification at EFI available for most tools
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Cold Half Conversions (All Cavitations)

Leverage your existing asset to make a new preform or optimize design (light weighting, etc) of an existing preform to drive profitability. The EFI team is qualified to verify project is viable and ensure efficiency is not compromised by “false economy” of re-using a tool that is not suitable for the job

  • Leverage our engineering and prototyping services to maximize design and production advantages
  • Guaranteed to hit dimensions and weights – tool qualification available for most tools
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Hot Runner Refurbishments (Legacy & Contemporary Systems)

Center of excellence located in Vandalia, Ohio, with cleaning and testing capabilities that mean the job is done quickly and all cavities shoot when returned to service.

  • Basic, Intermediate and Complete Hot Runner Refurbishments available for all hot runner cavitations and major tooling manufacturers
  • Experienced technicians – each 10+ years working with PET hot runners – allow us to bolster your existing maintenance team and return your tooling to service more quickly
  • Guaranteed – if there is an issue with the scope of work executed, EFI will pick up the tooling, address any issues and return it at no additional cost
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End-of-Arm Tooling (EOAT) Refurbishments

Maintain optimized cooling to hit productivity targets

  • Fully serviced air and water lines ensure maximum cooling for cycle optimization
  • Damaged tooling will be identified and quoted
  • New cooling tubes optional
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Tooling Audits

Invest wisely by understanding the current state of existing tooling and work required to return to optimal performance. Avoid sinking money into tooling not suitable for rework or desired application.

  • Preform tooling expert(s) inspects tooling and preforms to generate report detailing current state and work required to return tooling to optimal performance
  • On-site inspection available to minimize production interruption
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Alterations / Tooling Repairs

One call to EFI sets in motion the Alteration / Repair process. Get maximum return from your existing tooling investments. Preform tooling specialists verify scope project and schedule to minimize out of service interval for alterations and repair.

  • Quickly confirm proposed alteration will be successful or tooling is repairable
  • Understand required investment to make a smart decision – repair/alter existing or make new
  • Be confident in expected results – preform tooling specialist ensure critical issues specific to PET injection tooling are considered and observed
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Pilot Preform Production

Get containers into your customers hands faster with our preform production services

  • 1 or 2 cavity configurations available with 24 / 7 manufacturing
  • Adapt stack design to match industry standard and allow interchangeability – we run new tooling manufactured by Wentworth or existing tooling held by customers
  • PET blow molds and finished blow containers available to add single stop convenience and fast-to-market advantage
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