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1. Industry Leading Technology

Leveraging industry leading equipment and technology allows MCorp to provide best value to our customers

  • Increasing efficiency: Reliable equipment means more machine uptime and on-time deliveries
  • Maximizing quality: Our technology is geared towards optimizing bottle quality and giving customers peace of mind
  • Increasing output: High output, high cavitation equipment keeps bottle prices competitive and lead times short

2. Custom Solutions

MCorp delivers all aspects of product development, from initial concept to final product (bottles and preforms)

  • MCorp’s customers have complete access to our in-house engineering and design team
  • MCorp’s New Product Introduction (NPI) methodology uses best practices to meet customers cost, quality and scheduling goals
  • Industry Leading Technology allows MCorp to design and produce unique designs

3. Breadth of Products

PET Bottles

  • We offer a range of fill capacities from 1oz (30ml) to 3gal (12L)
    • Over 100 Stock and Custom PET blow moulds!
    • Stock bottles range from 8oz (235ml) to 2.6gal (10L) – many are part of broader product families
  • Single-stage (injection stretch-blow molding) equipment provides near limitless opportunities to produce custom bottles
  • Two-stage blow molding machines are equipped with full preferential heating, supporting more challenging bottle shapes
  • Direct colour matching and stock colours are available allowing customers to differentiate products

PET Preforms

  • MCorp offers a wide range of preforms suitable for a variety of market applications
  • Our preforms are specifically designed with optimal stretch ratios to allow one preform to blow many different bottle shapes and sizes
  • Stock preforms can be produced in custom colours
  • Barrier additive technology is available to enhance your packages protection from temperature, UV light, oxygen


1. Exceptional Quality

A recent customer survey confirmed our philosophy that quality is the most important factor customers consider when making a purchasing decision

  • ISO 9001 Quality Management System
    • We leverage our ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System to consistently achieve high quality standards
    • Sample ISO 9001 quality tests:PET bottles preforms quality management
  • HACCP Certified Production Control System
    • Preventative food safety system identifies critical control points in our production process and manages/monitors these points to ensure the safest possible product is being produced

2. Reliable Supply

  • On-Time Deliveries
    • A recent customer survey ranked Reliable Supply as the second most important factor customers consider when making a purchasing decision, with quality as the first.  On-Time Delivery is the measure of reliable supply.  MCorp strives to consistently achieve industry leading On-Time Delivery for our customers
    • MCorp offers flexible ship dates and dock times: MCorp Technologies runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Vertically Integrated
    • To produce a high quality bottle, we must first start with the preform. At MCorp Technologies, we produce preforms in-house, allowing greater control of our supply chain and ensures a reliable supply of quality PET packaging
  • Freight Corridors
    • Excellent access to freight routes throughout Midwest / Northeast USA and Canada ensures reliable supply at competitive rates
    • MCorp is strategically located south-west of Toronto, ON and 1 hour from Buffalo, NY
    • Preforms can be shipped cost effectively anywhere in North America due to greater truckload quantities

3. Responsive Service

  • MCorp’s DNA includes a sense of urgency to get you the information you need as quickly as possible
  • Our Customer Care team adds value by supporting product delivery and logistics scheduling. The team is available Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm EST
  • Product delivery/logistics scheduling support


1. Quote Turnaround Times

  • Stock bottle/preform quotes provided within 24 hours
  • Custom bottle/preform quotes provided between 24-72 hours

2. Unanticipated Demands

  • High output equipment able to produce large production runs in a short period of time allows us to respond to unanticipated demand
  • Production operates 24 hours, 7 days a week to allow us the flexibility to produce bottles and preforms with competitive lead times

3. Accommodating Order Minimums

  • We work with our customers to accommodate their order minimums to reflect the constraints in their business
  • Certain stock bottles are available in smaller quantities
  • Contact your Account Manager for more details


1. Ensuring you receive best value for your time

  • Our customer care team is quick to respond to your quotes and requests
  • Sourcing your PET packaging is an easy and collaborative process

2. Ensuring you receive best value in your investment

  • Our customers reap the benefits of our high output equipment, cost-effective shipping options and in-house component production, all of which result in lower costs, decreased waste and high quality products
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