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By leveraging vertical integration in product design, molds and tooling, we bring products and containers to market faster, with more control, lowered costs, and decreased waste, offering a total custom packaging solution to growing brands.

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Step 1:

Customer Concepts

Our process starts with the customer concept. This can be anything from a 3D render, reproducing an existing bottle or even just a rough sketch! We work with you to pick up from where you left off in design and guide you through the steps of our proven product development process.

Step 2:

Product Drawings

Next, we convert your concept into product drawings to make it a manufacturable container. Our team will transform your idea into a custom container that is true to your vision and serves the intended application while considering the manufacturing process requirements. We ensure the product suits your business and the end user’s needs.

Step 3:

Collaborative Revisions

We fine-tune the container design during the collaborative revisions step until it fits your concept and is within range of general production capabilities. To support our customers fully, we offer the first product drawing & two revisions free of charge.

Step 4:

3D Computer Engineering

Upon alignment, finalization, and approval of your product drawing, we convert the file into a 3D CAD format that allows for full digital inspection from every angle to ensure that all of your requirements are met.

Step 5:

Solid 3D Models

This step is optional, although highly recommended. For a small fee, we will generate a solid 3D printed model that allows you to physically see & feel your new design. 

These models are helpful when assessing packaging lines or corrugated boxes. They are also crucial for new products coming to market to prepare your marketing, operations, & engineering teams. 

Step 6:

Prototype Mold & Product Samples

When timelines permit, we can build a single cavity production mold to produce representative samples of the physical container. This is helpful for new or innovative designs requiring further iterations to arrive at a finished product. 

We think of this as an essential insurance policy that prevents unwanted surprises in the finished product.  This step is also a significantly lower cost than tweaking & building a new production mold post-production.

Step 7:

Production Mold & Finished Product

During our final step, the production mold is validated, & samples are produced for review & approval. Once we have ensured that everything is within specifications according to the drawings, we send a small box of samples to you, free of charge. Once approved, we request signed samples be sent back for quality records. Then, your new custom containers are ready to go into production!

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