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Plastic Bottle Manufacturing

Reheat Stretch Blow Molding

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Injection Molding

Extrusion Blow Molding

Injection Blow Molding

PET & rPET containers are produced through Reheat Stretch Blow Molding. We have several platforms with specialized capabilities, allowing us to match the bottle to the machine.



Flexible order minimums

Bottle designs are used in a variety of markets

Most pre-forms used are produced in-house, offering you best value

We produce PET and rPET containers with Injection Stretch Blow Molding on industry-leading equipment specifically designed for custom projects. This process is best suited for high-end or technical packages that work well with Reheat Stretch Blow Molding.



Best for high end, niche, custom containers

Turnkey experience from the Original Equipment Manufacturer supported start to finish

Unique & robust project management approach to custom containers

Ensures success & timelines of new product launches

We produce most PET pre-form requirements on in-house injection molding equipment. With various machines and unique capabilities, our pre-form library creates custom container solutions that best fit your brand.



Be seen on product shelves with custom preforms in your brand colours

Meet sustainability goals using recycled PET (PCR) resin 

Quick-change tooling allows for flexible order minimums & custom perform production

Modular tooling cuts mold costs to provide best value

We produce primarily HDPE & PP containers with our Extrusion Blow Molding (EBM) technology. EBM allows for greater flexibility in bottle shape and production compared to PET, which can be too restrictive in size or neck finish.



Wide range of cavitation options and service volumes

HDPE & PP resins are strong, lightweight, & withstand chemicals in varying strengths

Meet sustainability initiatives with easy to add in recycled content


The injection blow molding process combines the accuracy of injection molding with the flexibility of blow molding to produce HDPE & PP containers. It is specialized in producing higher-end bottles with particular quality requirements & specifications.



Proven reliability in shelf-stable resins to protect your product from environmental factors (such as UV light, oxygen, etc.)

Yields high production rates & tighter neck finish specification for resins

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